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Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix here.

Yesterday we had a lively discusshun about who is most popular, cats or dogs. It spilt over to the Dogster Dog Blog, and those doggies are hungry for revenge. For this week’s Thursday 13, I’m showcasing just a couple of the reasons why dogs make less deezirable pets than cats.

Don’t furget to drop over to the Dog Blog and post yer “Cats Rool. Dogs Drool” comment.

  1. Dogs are not smart enuf to use litter boxes, so thare peepul have to git up erly in the morning to walk them. Sum dogs try to compensate by eeting thare own poop. Cats think this is revolting. Cat owners think this is revolting. Dog owners seem to find it charming.

  2. Many dogs think litter boxes are a smorguss borg. How dum is that?

  3. Thare’s nuthin’ a dog won’t lik. Gross!

  4. This product does not exist for cats.

  5. Dogs smoke, wich is probly why they don’t live as long as cats:

  6. Dogs have NO fashun sense.

  7. Dogs always try to danse with yoo, even win yer not in a dansin’ mood:

  8. Win we say “Dogs Drool,” we ain’t kiddin’:

  9. You don’t need sines like this for cats:

  10. Dogs LOVE to roll in muds. Muds make yoo vary derty and cauze yoo to get a bath. So rolling in muds in a vary stoopid thing to do:

  11. Dogs are always shakin’ off water, soaking evrybuddy within 20 feet. This is vary rood.

  12. Cats don’t pull swimmin’ soots off:

  13. It’s on a t-shert so it must be true: