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Which Type of Partygoer Is Your Cat?

Chow hound? Social Butterfly? Loner? Our online quiz shows your cat's party personality.

Angie Bailey  |  Dec 10th 2015

Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in the Holiday 2015 issue of Catster print magazine. Click here to subscribe to Catster magazine.

Is your cat always up for a good time, or would he rather watch all the action from under the coffee table? Take this test to find your kitty’s party personality.

1. How does your cat react when a visitor comes calling?

a. Races to the door to greet the guest

b. Shows interest only if the guest has brought cat treats for him

c. Would rather entertain the dust bunnies while hiding under the bed

d. Playfully explores the contents of the guest’s bag

"Houseguests? I'm not getting up." Cat hiding under bedsheets by Shutterstock

“Houseguests? I’m not getting up.” Cat hiding under bedsheets by Shutterstock

2. You’re trying to decide on the perfect outfit to wear to a friend’s birthday party. How does your cat “help” you choose?

a. Wanders around your closet and meows while you’re perusing party clothes

b. Stares at you from the bedroom doorway and races to the kitchen if you make the slightest move toward the door

c. Drags the sweater you’ve chosen under the dresser and falls asleep on top of it

d. Playfully goes after every strap and drawstring that’s attached to your clothing selection

"Wanna start the party early"? Cat in refrigerator by Shutterstock

“Wanna start the party early”? Cat in refrigerator by Shutterstock

3. What’s your cat’s idea of a fun night?

a. Lots of interactive play and endless cuddles with you

b. Extra treats and floor scraps from your dinner prep

c. Sleeping atop a basket of laundry in an unoccupied room

d. Knocking items off the coffee table and batting them under the sofa

"Ready for the party whenever you are."

“Ready for the party whenever you are.” Ragdoll kitten and popcorn by Shutterstock

4. What would your cat bring to another cat’s housewarming party?

a. A cozy bed built for two

b. Half a bag of treats (because he ate the other half on his way to the party)

c. What party? He conveniently loses the invitation.

d. Catnip mice and his game face

5. If your cat were to throw a party for his friends, what would the invitation say?

a. Come over! Invite your friends!

b. It’s a party! Anything gravy-related makes a perfect host gift!

c. I’m having a party, but you probably want to stay home. It’s OK.

d. All-night catnip fest! Let’s get stoned and chase the red dot!

"I decided we'd have a slumber Christmas party." Cat sleeping in Christmas decorations by Shutterstock

“I decided we’d have a slumber Christmas party.” Cat sleeping in Christmas decorations by Shutterstock

6. Friends and family have gathered in your home for a Super Bowl party. How does your cat participate in the festivities?

a. Plays “musical laps” and meows at the guests who don’t reciprocate affection

b. Snags Cheetos from the snack table when no one’s watching

c. Burrows under the fleece blanket and snoozes

d. Rolls in a pile of catnip, then provides the half-time entertainment

7. You walk in the front door after a long day at work. How does your cat respond?

a. Immediately begins rubbing against your legs and meowing

b. Hightails it to the kitchen and stands beside his food dish

c. Response? Continues sleeping

d. Playfully rolls, goes crazy on the scratcher, and paws inside any grocery bags you’ve dropped on the floor

"I love parties when we get to play." Kittens play with tree ornaments by Shutterstock

“I love parties when we get to play.” Kittens play with tree ornaments by Shutterstock

Mostly As: Social Butterfly

Your cat loves interacting with humans and other cats. He never meets a stranger and would leave any party with a dozen or more new friends.

Mostly Bs: Chowhound

Your cat would attend any gathering with one thing on his mind: food. Frequently found near the snack table, this kitty wouldn’t be shy about wrapping pawfuls of treats in napkins to bring home with him.

Mostly Cs: Loner

Your kitty is shy and avoids situations where there may be new people or animals. He’d spend the entire party under the coffee table, hoping someone would open the front door so he could make a break for it.

Mostly Ds: Party Animal

Your cat is a beast when it comes to parties. Always up for a good time and never short on catnip and silly party gags, he can whoop it up for several hours at a time. And then he needs to nap because, well, he’s a cat.

How did your cat score? Tell us about it in the comments.

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