“The Strange World of Max X” Goes to the Cats


Some of the cats we know can be a little vindictive. Take, for instance, Teddy the Cat, who brazenly wreaks havoc on his human’s room by knocking things off a dresser, or Window Blinds Cat, who lazily bats at the window while looking straight into the camera. Cats can be pretty curious and mischievous, and like to keep us — their human servants — in line with training (like how they’ve trained us to open doors for them).

When Max X of The Strange World of Max X denies his kitty a taste of his delicious fish dinner, the cat gets some ideas of his own. Starring Pussington the cat, “Cat Controller” documents what happens when one cat decides to get even.

After seeing an ad on television for a collar that controls humans, Pussington forces Max X to walk a mile in his paws. With a wave of his remote control, Pussington has Max X nuzzling furniture, chasing pigeons, and climbing trees. The result? Pussington gets his own seat at the dinner table, as well as his own fish dinner, proving that humans and cats can live in harmony … so long as we continue to acquiesce to our kitty overlords’ demanding whims.

What’s the moral of this story? Don’t let your cat open up a credit card account!

Check out filmmaker Anthony Carpendale’s Tumblr for a behind-the-scenes look at working with Pussington the cat!

Via Modern Cat’s Twitter

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