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The Creator of the Ultimate Dog Tease Brings Us the Ultimate Cat Tease

From The Creator of the Ultimate Dog Tease, we now have the Ultimate Cat Tease, in which we learn that you can't pull the wool over this kitty's eyes.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 13th 2012

You remember the Ultimate Dog Tease, right? (How could you forget? You only quoted it a million times a day for months after you saw the video!)

Well, here’s the Ultimate Cat Tease – only, as you’d expect, the cat doesn’t fall for it. Nope, not even for bacon-wrapped goldfish. The teaser ends up simply meowing up the wrong tree as Jupiter, the crafty kitty featured in the video, simply yawns and admonishes, “You’re cutting into my nap time!”

And we all know how important nap time is to cats!

Looks like Jupiter is of the same blas├® pedigree as the tortured Henri.

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