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Texts From Mittens: The Post-Birthday Edition

Mittens' birthday party was less than perfect; Drunk Patty thinks Mitty's a parrot; Mom won't send the dog to boarding school. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Mar 2nd 2016

Mittens celebrated his seventh birthday yesterday, and his party wasn’t quite perfect — at least, he wants Mom to believe that. Cats are good at being vague and mysterious, you know. Even nebulous. Speaking of birthdays, Drunk Patty shows up with a thanks-but-no-thanks pirate-themed gift. Mittens can’t get his claws sharpened fast enough. He’s nobody’s parrot.

Mitty isn’t even sure whether he’ll make it to his next birthday. The dog has created a toxic cesspool in Mittens’ fancy fountain, and Mom refuses to send the filthy hound to boarding school. Is there no justice? Certainly not, because Mom’s working late and won’t stand up to her boss. Doesn’t she know what’s really important? There are litter boxes to be scooped! Outrage!

Please read on for further details regarding our poor, poor Mittens.








“It’s from The Black Hills, man”




Nobody’s parrot.



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