Texts From Mittens
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Texts from Mittens: The Kitchen Counter Edition

Drunk Patty gives the dog a job, Stumpy wants to make fancy catnip edibles, and Mittens was NOT on the kitchen counter -- several times. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Jul 20th 2016

As usual, it has been a wild couple of weeks in Mittens’ world. Our favorite texting cat is never short on drama. This time, however, he’s not involved in some of the brouhaha. Rusty, Drunk Patty’s ex, is hanging around with his new gal Roxy, and Patty gets a little batty. Thankfully, Mittens can watch everything go down from inside his nylon cube.

And why is Mom convinced Mittens has been counter cruising? There’s absolutely no evidence! Never mind the chewed napkins and hairball. Irrelevant! Speaking of kitchens, Mitty’s best friend Stumpy wants Mom’s help in whipping up some catnip edibles made with fancy imported ‘nip. Ohio’s pretty international, right?

There’s so much to cover! You better read for yourself.



Driveway drama!

Driveway drama!



"I am NOT on the counter!"

“I am NOT on the counter!”



Dog with a job.

Dog with a job.