Texts From Mittens
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Texts from Mittens: The Tube Tops Edition

After you read about Mittens facing the confusing horrors of Drunk Patty's tube tops, enter to win a copy of the new "Texts From Mittens" book.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 8th 2015

Some days it’s so hard to be a cat. Like on those days when Drunk Patty has no quarters and has to use alternate laundry facilities. And by “alternate facilities,” I mean the laundry room at Mittens’ house. Her dirty tube tops are all over the floor, and his feline instincts are met with unthinkable confusion.

Oh, and then Mitty saw this fancy charger on QVC, but do you think Mom’s willing to hand over the credit card so he can buy it? Thank goodness for Grandma. And how is Mittens expected to spend a day watching an empty bird feeder? A cat can take only so much! Here’s a peek into the recent drama in the life of our favorite texting cat.

And, hey! Read all the way to the bottom because we’re giving away a copy of the new Texts from Mittens book!

“I found some stuff for you to return so you can give me the money for that fancy phone charger.”

“I will not look at those tube tops.”

“Stumpy’s here.”

Great news! Catster is giving away a copy of my new book, Texts From Mittens: A Cat Who Has an Unlimited Data Plan … and Isn’t Afraid to Use It.  

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Good luck!

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