Texts From Mittens
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Stumpy Does WHAT to the Stuffed Bear? Mittens Is Aghast

A stare from Phil the Dog, meanwhile, inhibits Mittens' "craft" of chirping at woodpeckers.

Angie Bailey  |  Aug 28th 2013

Mittens loves his grandma. She visits often and usually brings tasty treats and special gravy-laden canned food. But you know, grandparents are supposed to spoil grandkids … and grandcats. Mittens, however, seems to think he deserves grandma-style goodies every day. Oh, and have I mentioned that he’s out to sabotage his human’s dating life and Instagram account? Yeah.

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of Mittens’ texts from the last couple of weeks.

For a complete library of Mittens’ past texts on Catster, click here.

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