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Texts from Mittens: The Spring Fever Edition

Mittens is afflicted with spring fever, Drunk Patty's Jazzercizing in a tube top, and the dog ate Mom's jigsaw puzzle pieces. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Mar 30th 2016

Warmer weather has arrived, and Mom tells Mittens he has spring fever. He has no idea what to do with that information and assumes he needs a vaccination to get rid of it. At least he’s not alone. Drunk Patty has the fever, for sure. How else could Mitty explain the tube-top and Jazzercizing in the back yard? He sure can’t un-see that business.

If that weren’t enough for our poor Mittens to digest, his girlfriend canceled their date because she’s getting nail caps. Oh, and the dog stole the whole sofa, and Mittens is sure Earl has something called STD — that’s maybe not what you’re thinking. That cat knows not what he texts.

Here’s a closer look into the recent ups and downs in the life of our favorite texting cat.




Excited for nail caps.



Hiding from spring fever.

Hiding from spring fever.



Earl monopolizes the sofa.

Earl monopolizes the sofa.