Texts From Mittens

Texts from Mittens: The Shorter Days Edition

Mittens wants to be a high roller, Mom doubts his psychic mojo, and time's vanishing. He texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Nov 9th 2016

The shorter days are getting to our pal Mitty. Mom wants him to starve, time is disappearing, and he’ll certainly become as filthy as the dog. She has no idea how much stress this is causing poor Mittens. There’s no silver lining on this one.

Drunk Patty is headed to the casino, and Mittens suddenly wants a “lucky shirt” like the one she wears — that is, until he finds out he might have to wear the shirt. He’s pretty sure that’s not so lucky. And on top of that, Mom is taking her sweet time brushing her teeth at night. How is Mittens supposed to settle in for the night if she won’t hurry up and come to bed? Injustices abound!

For more ghastly details on the woes of our favorite texting cat, read on!



Disappearing time? #nowords

Disappearing time? #nowords



Feelin' lucky.

Feelin’ lucky.



The nip. It's sweet.

The nip. It’s sweet.