Texts From Mittens
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Texts from Mittens: The New Year’s Edition

Resolutions refuse to meet expectations, Mom has switched cat litter (gross), and Drunk Patty shows up with a cat-sized taco costume. Mittens texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Dec 31st 2014

New Year’s Eve has arrived, and Mittens is busy considering resolutions. For one, Mom should probably start looking for more cat-treat coupons. Plus, Judge Judy marathons are a perfect situation for extra snuggles. Mom should probably put that on her list, too. And maybe this year, our pal Mitty will get his own monocle so he can feel adequately fancy.

Oh, also, Mitty’s neighbor, Drunk Patty, is staying overnight and has some jacked-up idea about cat costumes. The horror! And why do people leave pieces of newspaper lying around if they don’t want cats chewing on the edges? That’s just another error on the part of humans. Will they ever learn? Mittens isn’t so confident about that.

It looks like the new year will bring more drama for poor Mittens, and he’s certain there’s absolutely nothing he can do about it. Except text.

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