The holiday season is in full swing and that means a holiday photo for Mittens and his family. It also means Mittens has to wear some ridiculous reindeer antlers because Mom insists they’re “festive.” Mitty’s ready to do just about anything to retake that photo without the antlers, including riding in a car for several hours. Well, maybe not that.

There’s also been a bit of blanket-related drama in Mittens’ world. Stumpy’s crossed a line by making “biscuits” on Mitty’s property, and Mom went and washed the good smells right off his favorite napping blanket. Seriously, what could be worse? Oh, yeah — Drunk Patty and her scoundrel boyfriend made off with all the leftover Thanksgiving gravy. The only good thing that’s happened is that his book is finally available to pre-order. That’s right! There’s a Texts from Mittens book, and it’ll be available on March 31, but you can pre-order here, or wherever you buy books!

Now on with the recent atrocities in the life of our pal Mitty.

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