Texts From Mittens

Texts from Mittens: The Easter Basket Edition

Mittens worries that he'll get no Easter basket, the dog will eat Grandma, and Fiona will get the wrong flower. Mitty texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 12th 2017

Easter is  just around the corner and our pal Mittens just remembered the glory of the Easter basket. Never mind that it’s delivered by a giant rodent — he needs that basket. The only thing in his way is the dog, who’s a known rodent chaser. What if Earl singlehandedly destroys Easter? And eats Grandma? Holidays can be so stressful.

Speaking of stressful, Mittens is having trouble deciding which color flower to send his girlfriend, Fiona. Mom tries to offer advice, but Mitty isn’t so sure he’s ready to trust her. The positive news is that a cinnamon roll “accidentally” fell on the floor and Mittens enjoyed an extended nap on a pile of clean laundry. Sometimes life passes for good.

Need further details on the goings-on of our favorite texting cat? Read on!



"I don't get on the counter."

“I don’t get on the counter.”



Everything goes with stripes.

Everything goes with stripes.