Texts From Mittens

Texts from Mittens: The Academy Awards Edition

Mitty gets no Oscar, Earl steals a blanket, and Drunk Patty has too many daiquiris. Mittens texts!

Angie Bailey  |  Mar 1st 2017

The Academy Awards just aired, and Mittens is confused — why didn’t he win an Oscar? Mom reminds him that he wasn’t involved in any films; but that’s no excuse. Mitty knows he’s a star who’s worthy of fancy awards, and he’s ready to plead his case to Mom.

It’s no wonder Mitty is feeling cranky — the dog has taken his special napping blanket. How will Mittens adjust without resetting his inner clock? And speaking of injustices, Mom has shorted Mittens some valuable breakfast. Can you believe it? No one truly understand the plight of the feline.

Let’s not even discuss Drunk Patty and the Fat Tuesday situation.

Want a closer look into the latest drama from our favorite texting cat? Read on, friends!



"The Oscars are rigged."

“The Oscars are rigged.”



Earl: thief of naps.

Earl: thief of naps.



An award-worthy face, no?

An award-worthy face, no?