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Ted the Demon Kitten Unleashes the Wrath of Meowzilla!

It was an ordinary day at the train yard, until Ted wandered in and destroyed everything.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 11th 2012

If there’s one thing you should know about cats, it’s that whatever you do, NEVER come between them and their food. You think dogs are food motivated? Have you seen the lengths that some kitties will go to for their food? Or even just a treat? Do we need to remind you of the terror unleashed by a famished feline named Ted?

Actually, yes, we do need to remind you of the terror of Ted the “Demon Kitten,” who is back in part two of his hungry havoc-wreaking!

Only this time Ted has the hunger of an alien monster from the sea. Watch out — it’s Meowzilla!

There’s just no hope in sight for the citizens of BrioLand, who must flee in fear as Meowzilla demolishes their city with one swift swipe of his paw.

This is what happens when a kitten doesn’t get his way. So please, we implore you: Feed your kitties — or else we shall all feel the wrath of Meowzilla!