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Avast, Ye Hearties: It’s Meow Like a Pirate Day!

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 19th 2014

Okay, confession: When my family would go to Disneyland (and we lived in Southern California so we went like, every year) my sister was always stoked on going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And me? That ride scared the crap out of me. So everyone would go on the ride and my poor mother and I would sit and wait at the exit, and when we reunited with the rest of my family, my sister would be all stoked and brandishing a sword from the ride gift shop and my father — in what was perhaps a gesture of disappointment — would hand me my consolation prize for being such a weenie: A pack of stickers or something way less cool than a sword.

Then one day, my parents were like, “No really, you’re too old to be so afraid of animatronic pirates,” and coaxed me into descending into those murky depths and boarding one of those boats-on-a-track, all the while being like, “No, it’s okay. Look, the boat is on a track. It’s all fake. Fake!” And I trusted them.

So there are those two drops at the beginning of the ride — I am still paying for therapy to overcome my childhood sense of betrayal — but after that, I had to admit that the ride was actually kind of sort of maybe fun. (I didn’t want my sister to be right.)

As an adult, I can safely admit that OMG yes, that ride is hella fun! And I’m proud to report that I am no longer afraid although I still brace myself and grit my teeth for those first two drops. So woohoo! Today is Meow Like a Pirate Day and yo-ho yo-ho it’s a pirate’s life for me. If you’re a member of the Catster Community, make sure to get your paws on the Jolly Roger gift which is free all day today! And marvel at these feline pirate beauties.

Top photo by bnilsen via Flickr

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