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This Is What Happens When Kids Visit Catster (and Dogster) HQ

It was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, so we put them to work!

Liz Acosta and Lori Malm  |  May 3rd 2013

Kids crack us up — unfettered by societal norms, they’re like adorable space aliens who’ve landed on our planet, making keen observations on our self-imposed absurdity. Is it wisdom or just naivete? Who knows! It seems deep, though.

Why do we bring this up? Last week was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, which we celebrated here at Say Media, Catster’s parent company. (Heh. Parent company. Kids. Get it?) It was such a kick watching the little ones come to an office populated with dogs. Totally fun, right? (There are yet to be any office cats here, but we don’t doubt it will happen.)

The kids, ages 7 to 12, participated in different activities in the spirit of Say’s various publications. At Catster, we asked the kids to imagine what it would be like if a cat or dog came to work at the office for a day and what they would do.

So we’ll show you — here’s a child’s point of view of a day in the life of an employed cat or dog. We asked the kids to consider how the dog would get to the office, what she ate for lunch, and if she held any meetings (and what those meetings might be about).

We edited the stories together to create the piece below. Enjoy!

Infinity, the Super Duper Pooper Dog, Saves the Day!

Outside, the car horn blasted. Alex, a Pug and the C.O.O. of Say Media, grabbed her lunch off the counter and darted out the door, although she knew the contents of her sack lunch would not be enough for the day. She eagerly thought of all the snacks to eat at the office — yum! In the car she joined her co-workers: Fluffy the cat, Buttercup the dog, Bonnie and Clyde (a pair of frivolous felines), Proustar (another cat), and Infinity, the Super Duper Pooper Dog. They decided to carpool together most days of the week. It was a great way to save money and the environment.

Once at the office, Fluffy and Buttercup sat down at the receptionist desk to answer phone calls and direct visitors. They were always very friendly. Bonnie and Clyde went to the kitchen to tally up the office snacks (their official title was office snack manager). Proustar worked in the video department. And Infinity was the building janitor, who made sure the bathrooms were always in working order.

Alex looked at her agenda for the day. In an hour she had a meeting to discuss the snack situation. She decided she would eat lunch early so she’d have room in her belly for the donuts Proustar always brought. Fluffy and Buttercup sent out reminders for the meeting. They gathered in a conference room and everyone helped themselves to donuts. They decided they needed more Milk-Bones and tuna-flavored kitty snacks. They were just about to adjourn their meeting when Infinity rushed into the room in a panic.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you all,” he said, “But Buttercup fell into the toilet trying to get a drink and I have to save her!”

They all rushed out, Proustar grabbing his camera. In the bathroom, Infinity tore off his shirt, revealing a superhero outfit underneath. He fished Buttercup out of the toilet. Proustar made a video of the entire rescue and put it on the Internet, where it went viral.

They all went home together after a decidedly productive day.

The end.

Header photo: Group of kids in work uniforms by Shutterstock