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You Are Not Ready for Sushi Cat

This quasi-mythical video creature has existed since ... well, we don't really know. But here it is.

Liz Acosta  |  May 6th 2013

Are you someplace where no one will look at you weird when you burst into a fit of euphoric giggling? No? Do that first. You did it? Okay, good.

We open with a story about a rare and “magically combined” creature. The Sushi Cat is much like a unicorn — but better. A Sushi Cat is a cat who rides around on a rice ball where you’d usually find a slice of delicious raw fish. How did the cat get there? What happened to the fish? No one knows for sure, but a really good guess is that the cat ate the fish and then found that the rice was a cozy place to hang out. But it doesn’t really matter how Sushi Cat came to be. Sushi Cat is here.

Sushi Cat is like a falling star — you can’t go looking for a Sushi Cat, they just magically appear “between things.” Sushi Cats were more prevalent before we got all jaded, but they’re still around, and people who have particularly strong imaginations report more sightings than, say, curmudgeons who hate fun.

Watch the video below — have you ever seen a Sushi Cat?

We’re not sure why this exists. We don’t really care. It’s sublimely absurd and don’t worry! No kitties were hurt! Everything was digitally altered! Binary magic! And don’t worry, no one is saying we should eat Sushi Cat — these handsome and terrifying creatures are strictly for magical, euphoria-inducing purposes.

If you’re not grinning ear to ear, we don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Bonus! Below is the video, History of Sushi Cat, and it explains things more eloquently than we ever could.

Via LaughingSquid