Mr. Nuts the Psychic Cat Predicts the Sex of the New Royal Baby

It happened in the litter box ... uh, we can explain.

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 23rd 2013

Unless you had your head in the sand — which, if you’re a cat, you might have — then you know the world welcomed a new British royal baby boy yesterday. Let us be the first to congratulate Prince William and Catherine on the birth of their royal son. According to reports, the son is happy and healthy, although we’re not sure what his name will be. The world didn’t know which sex to expect, so everyone was surprised to hear the couple had a boy. Everyone but Mr. Nuts, that is.

Mr. Nuts is a psychic cat. A resident of the San Francisco Bay Area (represent!), Mr. Nuts predicted that he would one day live with the Ostrofsky family. As you can see, Mr. Nuts has a notched ear, indicating that he was part of a trap-neuter-return program. No longer a stray, Mr. Nuts is now the unofficial spokescat for Five Pet Place, meaning he gets to poop in some of the finest litter boxes and perch in some of the best cat trees. If you ask Mr. Nuts whether he’s lucky to live this way now, he’ll just tell you “it was destiny.” And he would know.

Mr. Nuts successfully predicted the winner of last year’s Super Bowl. And this time he correctly identified the sex of the royal baby. How did he do it? Mr. Nuts (named after his now-missing-but-once-prominent gonads) was presented with two litter boxes — one with a blue bow and one with a pink bow. The blue was for female, while the pink was for male — hah! Just kidding! First Mr. Nuts shredded the bows (and heteronormative gender conventions along with them) and then he pooped in the boy box. Success!

Do your cats provide any sort of divinity? Have they successfully predicted births? Elections? Sporting events? If so, we want to know in the comments!

Via Five Pet Place. Photos via Five Pet Place — follow them on Facebook for more of Mr. Nuts’ predictions.