Meet Millie, the Awesome Rock-Climbing Kitty


So I’ve noticed something while perusing profiles on Internet dating site OKCupid: A lot of folks are really into rock climbing. “I like hiking, yoga, and rock climbing!” they say. It makes me cringe because I don’t like any of those things — especially rock climbing. I like manicures and I have, like, no upper body strength. I would be a rotten rock-climbing partner.

But Millie is the best rock climbing partner scaling aficionado Craig Armstrong ever asked for. According to Armstrong, Millie doesn’t complain (like I would), and she likes to take risks … and isn’t too demoralized when those risks don’t have their expected outcomes (I throw temper tantrums when I don’t get what I want). Armstrong didn’t meet Millie on OkCupid or any dating site — he met her in Furburbia, where she climbed up onto his shoulders and wouldn’t come down. Because Millie is a cat and you can’t tell a cat what to do. (And, for that matter, you can’t tell a woman what to do, so maybe we have that in common.)

Armstrong noticed that Millie had a penchant for making human cat trees out of people, so he took her climbing with him. Don’t worry — she has her own harness and rope, and Armstrong never pushes her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. In fact, one of the qualities that Armstrong says makes Millie a perfect partner is that she knows when to stop and go home — as a cat, she isn’t bound by ego. She’s also positive and supportive, and, as a cat, she loves to climb.

And if Armstrong can’t scale a particular summit, Millie is still stoked to curl up with him in his sleeping bag with no judgment.

Photos and story via Backcountry and Bored Panda — go check them out!

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