When Cats Want Food, Sometimes They Get a Little, Well, Possessed


As our cats’ human servants, we know that they can be very demanding masters. And when it comes to feeding time, cats don’t mess around.

Case in point? Ted the Demon Kitten, whose large appetite belies his diminutive size. Upon the mere sight of a can of cat food, Ted becomes a mewing mess complete with glowing eyes.

And if that’s not enough, Ted eventually emits a prehistoric roar of hunger, drawing upon his saber-toothed ancestors to get his point across: FEED ME NOW!

Why do they always act like they haven’t eaten in days when you fed them less than six hours ago?

As you can imagine, Ted is not alone in his overt love of food. We managed to find some other kitties who need to be fed, like, NOW!

What’s worse than a demonic hungry kitty? A hungry kitty who sits at the dinner table pawing at your meal — just like this guy.

And even worse than a hungry kitty who swipes crumbs from your plate? Hungry kitties in stereo!

What does your cat do when she is hungry? Does she turn into a saber-toothed demon? Does she beg at the table? Does she wake you at the crack of dawn, wondering where her Fancy Feast is? Let us know. We can start a support group for overworked cat servants!

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