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Photos We Love: 10 Cats Wearing Bunny Ears

These cats are mostly angry or asleep. But they look sooo cute, yes? Yes.

Dorian Wagner  |  Apr 2nd 2012

With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to keep an eye out for our favorite bunny that brings us chocolate and candy and chocolate and chocolate. And it’s also important that we keep an eye out for Easter Bunny imposters.

These imposters look impossibly cute, but are not going to bring you any of those elusive Cadbury Eggs. So, you know, just fair warning. If one of these guys is at your house, just take pictures and post them on the Internet. You’ll get some giggles, but no candy.

Here are 10 to keep an eye out for:

The real Easter Bunny

Complete with bow. Easter Bunny Cat, you’re doing it right. Photo by Lindsay =).

Kitty's Bunny Ears

Being a bunny is hard work. Once must rest and take a catnap every once in a while. Photo by Stephanie Booth.

Koshki doesn't like bunny ears

I’m in your house, breaking into your treat cabinet! Photo by zambrak.


Our kitties are angels for what they put up with sometimes. Halo included on this set of bunny ears! Photo by Timmi K.

Is it really that time of year again?

Um, not to be the bearer of bad news, but methinks the bunny ears go on your head, not on your butt. Photo by Jodi:)

only way to do this was with PS

Chillaxin’ with my bunny ears on. No bigs. Photo by V for Victoria

The Bunz

Homemade bunny ears! Thomas is one lucky kitty … although we’re not sure he would see it that way. Also, isn’t that cheating taking the picture while kitty is sleeping? Too easy! Photo by Mumblepeg

Part II is an Easter bunny cat! Yay!

The. Face. This is all. Photo by Dotted Line Girl.

She Did Have Another Pair...Good Grief

Somebunny looks a little blue … Photo by krazyboutcats.

Pimp is the Easter Bunny

Recognize this cat? That’s my cat, Pimp, pimpin’ his bunny ears! We also have video of him eating a peep with the ears kind-of sort-of on. Photo by Your Daily Cute.