10 Ways the Photo Website “And My Cat” Justifies My Obsession with Felines


Over the weekend I was hanging out with some new folks. We came to the topic of employment, and I explained that I work full time for an online cat magazine and that my job includes updating our social media outlets.

“How can that even be a thing?” one of them cried. “I mean, it’s just cats.”

“Oh, they are not just cats,” I replied, “They are the Internet. The Internet moves the universe, and cats move the Internet. The catnip must flow.”

In reality, it wasn’t that dramatic, but it should have been. Cats are serious business. Look no further than And My Cat.

And My Cat is simple yet elegant in its execution: It delivers photos of cats daily. That’s it. That’s all. And it’s sublimely wonderful.

But beside the fact that duh, cats are awesome, the proof is in the wet cat food: And My Cat’s Facebook page has more than 1 million members. That’s a lot of fans. We’re impressed and a little smug, because that simply confirms what we’ve always known, which is that cats are totally cool and everyone loves them.

Here are 10 reasons why you should love cats, featuring the cats of And My Cat:

1. Cats are pretty

2. Look at all these cool cat-themed lifestyle accessories you can buy!

3. Cats teach us that we should always make time for ourselves to sunbathe in a sun puddle on the porch — and to promptly dismiss those who interrupt our “me time”

4. Cats remind us that we shouldn’t work too hard

5. They know how to wear many festive hats

6. They teach us to settle conflict directly and openly — and if that’s not possible, you have every right to squash your opponent under the door mat

7. Cats defy physics, logic, and time and space, which means that anything is possible

8. Everything looks more artistic in black and white … even if you just finished licking your butt

9. A cup of hot chocolate can cure any ailing of the soul — especially if it’s someone else’s hot chocolate and you’ve stolen it

10. Cats love Dr. Who!

All photos via And My Cat

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