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Peek-A-Boo: 10 Cats Who Think They’re Hiding But Really Aren’t

Nice try, sneaky kitties -- unfortunately, you're totally visible.

Dorian Wagner  |  May 29th 2012

Don’t you love how cats sometimes “hide” behind the silliest things to stalk something? Um, kitty? We see you! And so does whatever you’re stalking, I’m sure.

Come to think of it, cats seem to think they’re hiding a lot of the time. They get under things and behind things and act all sneaky. Well, peek-a-boo, kitties … we see you!

Hidden cat

The newspaper basket was empty one night … Not for long! Kitty took the chance to scope things out from inside her new fort. Photo by denisko.

Hidden Cat

Jackson, plotting world domination from his patch of grass. Photo by Grahford.

Hidden Cat - Penny

Penny is in your shirttails getting ready to pounce! Photo by Frank Peri.


Peek-a-boo! Grey sees you! Photo by danmachold

~Hidden Cat~

Oh hai. Is it safe to come out yet? Photo by Michael.

The Hidden Cat

Kitty’s window to the world — from inside a cardboard box, of course. Where else would a cat be? Photo by Patrick Laberge.

Hidden cat

If I can’t see you, you can’t see me. Photo by JohnnyBGood.

Hidden Cat

If you look really carefully just between the bars, you might see a cat. Look closely, though — she’s hiding! Photo by Studio Neko.

Chat cach├® - Hidden cat

The Sheet Monster prepares to strike again. Photo by VdlMrc.

Hiding Kitten

Just for fun … a true peek-a-boo kitty! Photo by tripletstate.