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Oh, Dear Molly Has a Sense of Humor About Having Cats

The Etsy-based artist sells giggly prints that explore the lighter side of living with kitties.

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 6th 2013

Stop what you’re doing right now and take a look around.

The dishes sit unwashed in the sink. You would have gotten up to do them earlier, but the cat, spying you curled up with the heat machine (your laptop), decided to leap into your lap, and you couldn’t disturb her — the dishes could wait. They’ve been waiting ever since.

The glass of water on the coffee table is not yours. It is the cat’s. You fill it every morning to the brim so the cat can lap about 3/4 of the way in before deciding she needs a fresh glass. She once had a bowl of water, but it quickly became obvious it was not good enough for her, and when she started sneaking slurps from your water, you realized she just needed her own glass.

You can no longer carelessly cast your clothes on the floor, since the cat sees the pile as her own luxury litter box. You could spend money on reupholstering the torn up couches, but you already spent it on an exquisite combination cat tree and scratcher, which the cat does not scratch (but my, how daintily she perches). Fur-free clothes? Forget about it — you’ve even given up on buying lint rollers. There’s not enough tape on those suckers anyway.

The truth is difficult, but also funny, and Etsy store Oh, Dear Molly embraces the humor of cat ownership with these darling prints. Because maybe you can’t have nice things, but do people with nice things have an alarm clock with a purr function? No, they don’t! And let them know it by purchasing prints here.

Images via Oh, Dear Molly

Story via Hauspanther