We’ve often talked about songs about cats, and movies and cartoons about cats, all of which has essentially been a preamble leading to us wonder: What would happen if our favorite ’80s new wave bands were led by cats?

To put it another way, it made us wonder how many of the titles our favorite 1980s new wave bands we could reasonably fit the word “cat” into.

35 new wave bands if cats were in them

  1. Echo and the Bunnycats
  2. Tears for Cats
  3. Depeche Cats
  4. R.E.M.C.A.T.S.
  6. Wall of Catdoo
  7. Bananacata
  8. Talking Cats
  9. Pet Shop Cats
  10. A-ha? Cats!
  11. The C-52s
  12. Big Audio Dynacats
  13. The Boomtown Cats
  14. The Buzzcats
  15. Elvis Catstello
  16. Good Boy George and the Culture Cats
  17. The Dream Acatemy
  18. The English Cats
  19. Catlondie
  20. Caturan Caturan
  21. Eurcathmics
  22. XTCATS
  23. Men Without Cats
  24. Cats at Work
  25. New Order: Cats!
  26. Joy Division: Cats!
  27. A Flock of Cats
  28. Gene Love Cats
  29. The Go-Cats
  30. Catness
  31. Scritti Catlitti
  32. Spandau Catlet
  33. Tom Tomcat Club
  34. Haircat One Hundred, or Haircut One Hundred Cats (You choose.)
  35. Siouxsie and the Catsees

Additional list: 10 new wave bands containing a feline word other than “cat”

See if you can spot them.

  1. Frankie Goes to Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles
  2. Meow Wow Wow
  3. Violent Felines
  4. Devo-nshire Rex
  5. The Psychedelic Purrs, or maybe the Psychedelic Furbabies? I don’t know, it’s not important.
  6. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Meow
  7. Kajagoogoomeowmeow
  8. Dexy’s Midnight Ratters
  9. Simple Felines
  10. Oingo Meowngo

Disclosure: These aren’t really all of our favorite ’80s new wave bands, we just said they were. Also, the author notes your objection with calling some of these bands new wave, but hey.

Stay tuned for our next article in the series, “’90s Bands if Cats Were in Them.”

The Cure, one of the new wave bands that did not make our list.

Can you think of any other ’80s new wave bands that you can fit the word “cat” into? Let us know in the comments. Note: Don’t just consult a list of ’80s new wave bands, like this one, and stick the word cat in there. There’s an art to it. Please don’t list any ’90s bands.

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