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NBA Catwatch Tracks Which Players Own Cats

The website is gaining traction, but there's still work to do, seeking to uncover who in the NBA owns cats.

Michael Leaverton  |  Jun 26th 2015

The latest NBA season has been put to bed, with the Golden State Warriors getting the top bunk, and still we don’t have a sufficient answer to the question that has been plaguing us all season: How many NBA players own cats?

Not that there haven’t been people on the case. Well, person. His name is A (for anonymous). He runs the site NBA Catwatch. The tagline is “Where trying to figure out which NBA players own cats happens.” We love the logo:


A is doing God’s work, and he’s been at it since 2013. But it turns out that figuring out which NBA players own cats is not the easiest thing in the world to do. As of today, the number of confirmed NBA cats stands at … eight.

We know for certain that eight players own cats.

However! There is also a section for unconfirmed NBA cats — players that A believes own cats but he doesn’t have the documentation prove it. That number stands at … one.


So there is work to do.

Here are the confirmed NBA cat owners, courtesy of NBA Catwatch:

  1. Firkan Aldemir: Firouze
  2. Nicolas Batum: Biggie and Kim
  3. Kosta Koufos: Mufasa
  4. Brook Lopez: Poup
  5. Robin Lopez: Edward
  6. James Michael McAdoo: Macy
  7. Alexey Shved: Chica
  8. Nik Stauskas: Dribbles

Take a bow, gentlemen.

Here’s Firkan Aldemir with his kitty Firouze:

Hanımefendi pek bir nazlı :)

A photo posted by furkan aldemir (@furkan_aldemir) on

While NBA Catwatch is thinner than we would hope, that could change fast. Stories about the site have recently appeared in Deadspin and the Washington Post, and cat hunters are reaching out to A.

“A lot of people ask players if they have cats for me,” he told the Washington Post.

Relatives of players are also contacting him, like Nik Stauskas’s wife and James Michael McAdoo’s wife, who confirmed Dribbles and Macy, respectively.

Say hello to Macy:

Macy aka Baby Simba

A photo posted by James Michael McAdoo (@booboo_clemons) on

And Dribbles:

So happy to add this little guy to the family! Everybody give Dribbles a warm welcome to the Stauskas family lol!

A photo posted by Nik Stauskas (@nikstauskas11) on

A says he spends about 10 hours a week on the effort.

“It’s a fun activity to sit at home with my Diet Coke and search the Instagram and Twitter feeds of signs of NBA cat ownership,” he told the Washington Post. “It’s just for fun. I’ve had a bunch of requests for T-shirts, but if I did that, I would donate 100 percent of that money to animal shelters.”

If you are an NBA player and own a cat, please contact A. He would like to speak to you. If you know an NBA player who owns a cat, contact A as well. Together we can beat this thing. One day all the NBA players who own cats will be revealed, and we can move onto figuring out who owns cats in the NFL or the NHL or Congress or something.

It’s really important.

Visit NBA Catwatch’s website and very entertaining Twitter page.

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