Meowbook: On the Internet, No One Knows You’re a Cat


Those dogs — always going for walks, meeting up at dog parks, getting together for play dates at doggie daycares, walking in packs … always being so darn social!

Just because you’re a cat person, it doesn’t mean you should be denied the pleasure of socialization.

But because it’s a little tricky to get a cat on a leash, sometimes we have to keep our cats inside, away from opportunities to meet with other cats and their humans. For some, this is a sad, sad thing.

Dry your eyes, lonely cat people, for in addition to our own fabulous cat-connecting site, there is now Meowbook, “a cat-friendly community where cats can add each other — as cats.”

On Meowbook, cats are able to express themselves online — posting artistic photos or regurgitating Internet memes — all without having to worry about the “very real threat” of cat on cat violence.

Okay, okay, don’t go looking to sign up for Meowbook just yet. The video is actually promotional material for a Cadbury chocolate bar called Boost, which, sadly, is not available in the U.S. (Way to get our hopes up, right?)

But let’s just say there really were a Facebook for felines — would your cat have an account? Would she post about the fly she just chased and caught? Would she complain about the neighbor’s dog? Would she play Farmville?

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