You might have noticed that lately Facebook (and, for that matter, much of the Internet) is awash in a sea of red and pink. What’s up with that?

As ReadWrite discovered, the icons are a show of unity in support of same-sex marriage as the U.S. Supreme Court decides the fate of California’s Proposition 8, which limited the legal definition of marriage as consisting of one man and one woman.

Once in the paws of the Internet, the equal sign symbol belonging to the Human Rights Campaign — which advocates LGBT rights — quickly evolved into various creative reincarnations. Because this is the Internet we’re talking about, the cats quickly took over.

Regardless of your political orientation, these cat-themed marriage equality symbols are worth a look and a chuckle.

Here are our favorite eight cat-themed symbols:

1. Grumpy Cat makes two appearances in the name of marriage equality — because everyone deserves the right to be married and miserable

2. In a rare moment, here she says “Yes” to something

3. Colonel Meow’s take on marriage equality echoes that famous Martin Luther King Jr. quotation: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” — sort of

4. Since Lil Bub is an ambassador of love from another planet, it’s only natural that she would support same-sex marrige

5. We don’t know who this cool cat is, but there you go

6. This goes for the cleaner, more minimalist cat marriage equality look

7. Cats in space floating over the Grand Canyon slowly drift toward each other, closing the chasm in equality

8. And some darling cartoon cats for your pleasure

Have you changed your Internet icons in support of same-sex marriage? What are some of the best icons you’ve seen? Post them below!

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