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Lucy Knisley’s “Standard Cat Formations” Comcis Are as Funny as They Are Accurate

How many of these does your cat perform? Airplane Ears? Observant Spiral? The Quad Mitten Defense?

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 5th 2012

Inspired by Archie, Tin Tin, and Calvin and Hobbes, comics artist Lucy Knisley followed her passion through some pretty prestigious schooling and now has several published titles to her credit. Residing in New York, she also writes and teaches a comic drawing class to elementary school kids. And like many artists, she lives with a precocious puss — named Linney — and like anyone who’s lived with a cat can tell you, kitties can be awfully amusing to observe throughout the day.

To simplify things, Lucy has created a chart of Linney’s “standard formations.” We think this chart is adorable and also accurate. We bet you might even find a couple of your cat’s standard formations on here, too.

We’re particularly amused with the Overhang, the Showing Off Toe Fluff, and the Airplane Ears. Although we wouldn’t want to mess with the ginger kitty in the midst of a Hug ‘N’ Bite (cats are so moody sometimes!) or the Preparing to Pounce. And sadly, we’re all too familiar with the Oh Were You Working? (Deadlines mean nothing to cats …)

You can find more of Lucy’s work at Stop Paying Attention and at her Livejournal.

Which formations does your kitty frequently assume? What do you call them? Let us know in the comments!