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Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Every time your precious feline winds up for the attack, wiggling as she prepares her muscles to spring, her eyes focused and her pupils dilated so she can see every detail clearly, think about the lion in this video.

When the boy turns his back to this lioness, she sees her chance for a little snack. She crouches low, stalks forward, and then goes in for the kill. That kid’s lucky there’s a thick glass partition between the two of them!

It’s a little spooky how many times we’ve seen the lioness’ precise movements echoed in our kitties at home. Though humans and cats have been friends for thousands of years, cats have never strayed far from their wild ancestors, and the cat who is curled up and purring in your lap one moment can leap up and catch a bird out of the air in the next.

This Cuteness Correspondent used to live with a spunky kitten who would attack your toes if you wiggled them in your sleep — and those little teeth hurt! As he grew older, he matured out of the habit, but the look he’d get on his face was a lot like the lioness’ in the video.

It’s just our cats’ way of reminding us that they’re still first-class predators who simply choose to live in peace with us.

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