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More Lil Bub, Because There’s Never Enough Lil Bub

The famed Internet celebri-kitty has a new video for us. It's just her purring. It's more than enough.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 5th 2012

What does the name “Lil Bub” mean to you? What sort of feelings does it inspire? For us, whenever we hear the name Lil Bub, we are reminded of the sound of raindrops falling on delicate silver bells. We feel a surge of uplifting warmth in our hearts as we contemplate the wide-eyed, wondering countenance of the Internet’s most precious gift to us. It has even been suggested that Lil Bub’s cuteness originated on another planet, and that she came to Earth on a mission of love and kindness, to teach us all the power of sweetness.

Lil Bub’s appeal is so infectious that she captured the hearts of the first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival, and even has her own documentary with Vice in the works.

If Lil Bub can melt the hearts of the hipsters over at Vice, then imagine what she can for the rest of us. All it takes is 10 seconds, really, just 10 seconds of this little wonder cat in action and you’ll feel like a brand-new person.

Which is great, because here is a whole two minutes and fifteen seconds of the kitty, purring away like a little jet plane ready to take off and drop rainbows on the world.

Awww, yes. We feel so much better now.

Photos via Lil Bub’s Facebook page