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The Whimsical World of Kitty Cassandra’s Cat Paintings

Cats sleeping in sandwiches and riding dolphins? Anything is possible when artist Cassie Graus gets to work.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 9th 2012

Artist Cassie Graus of Kitty Cassandra’s Cat Paintings likes cats. More specifically, she likes cats doing silly things. Silly things like sitting in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, lying in a pillow pile, scampering around a vase shop, pulling a chariot, or just napping. Though Cassie doesn’t paint cats for a living, she aspires to one day populate the world with cats, absurdity, and ridiculousness, a mix she calls “absurculous.”

She was inspired to paint cats by her childhood kitty friend, Angel, a Maine Coon her mother adopted for her as a surprise while Cassie was out seeing Beauty and the Beast On Ice (she recalls the day as the second best of her life).

Her recent cat-painting project is a T-shirt featuring a kitty clad in a judge’s robe and wig, giving a look that most cat companions are familiar with: the one of silent, disheartening judgment. Go vote for it here if you’d like to see the design go into production.

The other painting that tickled our fancy is one of two kitties devilishly knocking a vase from a table with the caption, “We are why you can’t have nice things.” No truer words were ever spoken.

We’re also particularly fond of these two cats riding a dolphin — because, after all, the porpoise of life is to laugh and have fun.

P.S. Make sure to like her Facebook page so you can keep up to date on her work.

Images via Kitty Cassandra’s Cat Paintings