You know how kittens are: Full of feisty energy and learning about the world around them, they like to attack anything that moves. A shadow, a piece of string, your texting thumbs on your phone — anything.

When rescue kitten Evie developed a habit of attacking her human friend at every opportunity (reading a book? Attack the book! Texting on a cellphone? Attack the phone! Brushing your hair? Attack the brush!), her patient guardian decided to snap a quick video of Evie in action. The results? Devastatingly adorable. We promise you’ll want to watch this video again and again.

With wide eyes, perked ears, still paws, and a wiggly butt, Evie performs an almost purrrfect pounce. Sure, her form has room for improvement, but she’ll develop that with practice (and we bet she’ll practice on everything).

No matter how tiny they are, kittens seem to always think they are channeling the spirits of their big cat ancestors. No, Evie, you’re not a Jaguar, but we’ll let you believe whatever you want. We hope you grow up to become a beautiful, poised kitty, and we’re so glad you have a furever home with someone who indulges your equal-opportunity pouncing.