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Viral Video We Love: A Kitten Squawks Like a Bird

Identity crisis? Avian impersonator? Josico the kitten can't seem to decide if he's a squawking bird or a purring cat!

Liz Acosta  |  May 18th 2012

Okay, try listening to this video with your eyes closed! What kind of animal do you think it is? A hawk? A baby goat? Not sure?

Surprise! It’s a kitten!

When you’re young, it’s totally normal to go through a couple of phases while you try to figure out who you are.

Little Josico seems to be going through his bird phase.

It’s common among kittens in their rebellious youths to identify with enemy species, such as dogs or birds, just to rile up their parents!

Or maybe — just maybe — instead of learning to stalk quietly like other kittens do, Josico has stumbled upon a new method of hunting. Instead of going to the birds, he’s going to make the birds come to him by tricking them into thinking that he’s a bird too! So maybe Josico isn’t a rebellious youth — maybe he’s a kitten genius. Or maybe he’s not a kitten at all, but a parrot in disguise! A parrot imitating a hawk! A parrot imitating a kitten!

But when he starts purring loudly, it becomes pretty obvious that Josico is just a sweet little kitten who sounds like he needs a lozenge for his meow. We do have to admit that we’ve never heard a squawk as cute as Josico’s.

Do you cats make any uncatlike sounds?

Via Your Daily Cute