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In Kitten Racing, Everybody Wins! Except Maybe the Couch.

Kitten racing is hitting the Internet. There are no prizes, but the journey is most definitely our reward.

Liz Acosta  |  May 30th 2012

It’s called kitten racing, and it’s the brand-new sport hitting the Internet!

Well, sort of.

In this video, four kittens “compete” for the title of Fastest Kitten as they race to the finish line. Only these kitties are not very competitive. While one runs the course easily, the other three need a bit more motivation, and one little guy even gets some cheerleading from Mama Cat.

We love the way they waddle down the hallway — it’s totally adorable. In a race to see who’s the cutest, we give them all first place!

We know that one day, though, these kittens will grow up to be lightning-fast cats. Just check out these too fast, too fur-ious kitty drifters! They’ve certainly got somewhere to go. Maybe someone opened a can of cat food?

Or maybe they’ve got a case of the cat crazies. Yeah, you know what we’re talking about — they get that look in their eyes and then zoom! Down the hallway they go, jumping up on the couch, clawing from one end to the other, and jumping down. Then it’s back through the hallway to make a turn at the end and come zipping back.