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Taking a Human for a Walk: A How-To Video by Kodi the Kitten

So, you think you're in charge of your cat, huh? Well, here's a kitten who has other ideas.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 27th 2012

You remember Kodi, right? The little kitten with a mesmerizing Dance of Intimidation?

Kodi and his buddy, Shorty, are back, and this time the precocious black-and-white kitty has something very important to teach us.

We always joke about how dogs have owners and cats have servants, but Kodi has taken it to a another level. In his latest video, Kodi demonstrates how to walk your pet human. Yup, that’s sit, stay, heel — good human! Here’s a treat for you!

The video details step by step how to train a human to walk obediently on a leash, including tips on how to establish dominance, how to make sure your human is paying attention, and how to exercise together — after all, a tired human is a happy human! Kodi’s got it all down.

The video is totally adorable, but we might suggest that you watch it out of your cat’s line of sight … she might get ideas. If she doesn’t have them already, that is.

In fact, some cats are so good, they don’t even need a leash to control us. Yeah, every time you let your indecisive feline inside or outside, think about this: Who’s got who under their thumb?