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Get Some Vicarious Kitten Cuddles with This Video

No kitten of your own? That's okay -- just sit back and enjoy our kitten simulator.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 23rd 2012

Okay, kittens are paws-down cute. Has anyone ever said, “That kitten is not cute”? No. Because it’s impossible. The universe would implode. In fact, world peace could probably be achieved if everyone got a chance to hug a kitten daily.

But some people, unfortunately, don’t get to have kittens — either because they have allergies or because their rental agreement won’t allow it or because they just aren’t ready for it (remember: Kittens turn into cats, and that’s a 14-year-plus commitment!). We think that’s sad. Fortunately we found this video of an affectionate, purring kitten nuzzling his foster human’s hand, so that our kittenless Catster readers can reap the benefits of kittens vicariously. Think of it as a kitten simulator.

At just 4 weeks old, this little cow kitty demonstrates an affectionate personality, purring loudly as he receives wonderful pets and cuddles from his human fosterer, clinging to the hand that caresses him, and kneading the air in kitten ecstasy. This little guy is going to grow up to be one cool cat and make one human very lucky to have him.


The kitten simulator also works for our readers who do have kittens and cats, but must be apart from them for the day for work. So go ahead, sneak a moment to watch the video, and let yourself sink into your happy kitten place. Enjoy!

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