The super-size iPhone 6 Pluses are bending, causing mass confusion among Apple devotees but curiously not doing a whit to hinder the company’s stock price. Cat owners are picking up on this panic and are flooding message boards about the risks of other things bending, like their cats. We’ve put together a FAQ about cats bending, to settle the panic out there. Read this before calling the vet.

FAQ on cats bending

My cat bent when I picked her up.

She’s OK.

My cat bent when I put her down.

Still OK.

My cat bent when I put a hat on her.

She’s fine.

My cat bent when I put a little sweater on her.

Still OK. Where do you live? Pretty nice out everywhere — maybe take the sweater off.

My cat bent when she jumped on the counter.

Most cats do.

My cat is laying on the ground right now, and she’s bent.

She’s all right.

She’s bent in two places.

Still OK.

Wait — now four places!

Is she purring?


She’s OK.

Should my cat bend when I turn her on?


My cat bent when I put her in my pocket.

Don’t do that.

I have a big pocket.

Use a carrier.

My cat bent when I dropped her.

She’s probably OK. Did she land on her feet?

Yes, and her feet bent.

She’s OK.

My cat is bent in a circle right now.

She’s OK. She’s napping.

My cat is straight but right at the front she’s bent.

She’s eating.

I keep trying to bend my cat but my cat won’t bend.

Is she made of porcelain?


That’s not a real cat.

Her name is Sally.

Still not a real cat.

How do I get my cat out of sleep mode?

Jiggle her paw.

Can I get a new cat if my cat bends?

No. You should love your cat.

I don’t think my cat bends enough.

She bends fine.

My old cat never bent.

Yes she did.

Do dogs bend?


My dog never bent.

Yes she did.

So this problem isn’t only limited to cats.

Most things bend.

The iPhone shouldn’t bend.

The iPhone is not a cat.

If your question about cats bending is not covered by this FAQ, then you have bigger things to worry about. If you have more questions about the iPhone bending, you’re in the wrong place, too.

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