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“If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put a Cat on It” and Other Lyrics Made Way Better By Cats

Replace random words in your favorite songs with "cat" and watch the magic happen.

Dorian Wagner  |  Apr 16th 2012

You know you do it. You take songs and you sing them to your cats, making little changes along the way to work your cat’s name in or make it personal to them.

You do do that, right? I’m not the only one? Um…

OK, well, anyway. I know I’m not the only one because we stumbled upon this amazing Tumblr called kittiesandb*sh!t (only with the real words, but I’m censoring here to protect the innocent). There, Sofia Falcon spins popular song lyrics into cat-related masterpieces. Here are some of our faves!

And there was one that I think is the funniest. one. ever. But I worry about small kittens reading things here and getting upset, so if you want to see it, it’s the lyrics to “That Cat Cray” … and there is (gasp!) one bad word.

All of these fabulous images are done by the amazingly talented Sofia Falcon/CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. We LOLed. Hope you do, too!