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I Want My, I Want My CatTV

Videos for Cats is a series of clips designed to keep your cat entertained while you're not around.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 24th 2012

Is your cat getting a little jealous of your DogTV?

After all, cats deserve to be entertained in your absence as well, right?

But while Puppy is planted in front of the TV, where’s Kitty going to go?

She’s going to jump onto the Internet, of course. Everyone knows that’s a cat’s natural habitat!

There she can find Videos for Your Cat, a collection of clips sure to bring a purr to your feline’s face.

Videos include classic cat subjects such as watching birds at a bird feeder (as your kitty chatters his teeth at the window!):

Or watching fish swim in a tank (as your kitty paws at the glass to no avail!):

Images via Lorika13 & mseckington on Flickr