I Hope I Never Meet Any of These Jerk Cats


If one of your human friends jumped on your counter, ate half a loaf of your artisan bread, darted back and forth across your apartment as if fleeing a demon, and then barfed on your rug, you’d probably tell her to kindly delete your number from her phone.

But if one of your cat friends did the exact same thing, you’d rub his belly. And then your cat friend would bite you while delivering a series of talon-tipped bunny kicks, and you’d be all like, “Awww, there there now,” and obediently fill the food dish.

Cats are the only people we’ll let push us around and then welcome back into our beds, even when they give us the evil stink eye of disdain.

Think of this video as the Jerk Cat Olympics. Featuring classic jerk-cat moves, nothing, no one, and no cat is safe. From knocking framed pictures off the wall to batting other cats down stairs, the Jerk Cat is flippantly indiscriminate.

There are plenty of polite, well-mannered felines in this world, but these cats are not them. For these cats, their attitude is proportional to their cuteness. The cuter the cat, the more likely he is to stare you in the face and knock everything off your dresser.

Via Viral Viral Video

Photo: Hissing cat by Shutterstock

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