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Homebuyers Pay an Extra $100,000 to Keep the House Cat

A buyer offered more if the cat was included; we ask Tiffany -- the cat -- how she feels about that.

Michael Leaverton  |  Oct 24th 2014

This is a strange one: Last week in Glen Iris, Australia, the Perceval family was in the process of auctioning off their home, according to NBC. One of the bidders revealed that his child had noticed the family cat, Tiffany, during the home inspection phase and was “smitten” with the feline. This bidder said he wanted the home and the cat — and he said he would up his bid $100,000 if the Percevals threw in Tiffany. And he wanted it in writing, right there in the contract.

The Percevals said yes.

“It is actually a difficult decision. She’s a beautiful cat, but what could we say?” said Fran Perceval. “I think she’s the most expensive cat in Glen Iris at the moment, probably Australia, maybe.”

We caught up with Tiffany in her home to ask her about what she thought about that.

Catster: Some people say your new homeowners overpaid for a cat.

Tiffany: Really? I’d say they got a bargain. Have you seen my tail?

It looks nice.

Nice? Is Mount Everest nice? Is a Stealth Bomber nice?

It’s … magnificent?

You bet your ass it is. Speaking of tails, can you open that can of wet food for me?

Sure, do you have a can ope — wait, I don’t think I’m supposed to do that.

Go ahead, it’s fine, the can opener is in the kitchen.

I think I’ll have to ask your new homeowners first.

Next question.

Don’t you think it’s surprising they paid $100,000 for you?

Why? Was that not enough?

Most cats are free.

Most cats don’t negotiate.

Do you like living here?

I love it — hey, that reminds me, can you open up that can of food there?

We just went through this.

Went through what?

I have to ask your new homeowners first.

They said it’s fine. They said you can open up three cans of wet food during our interview. They also said you could grill a chicken. Do you have one?

No, I didn’t bring a chicken.

I guess a fish will do.

I don’t have a fish.

What reporter doesn’t have a fish? Bush-league move, pal. What’s that I smell in your pocket?

Um … half a egg-salad sandwich?

Of course it is. Go give it to the hamster. I think he came with the house, too. Theodore or something. Bad attitude. Eats pellets. Next question.

Do you miss the Percevals?


The people who used to live here?

Oh, I thought they were squatters.

Do you expect more people will pay for the cat when they buy a house?

I can’t imagine why not. You know the three most important things in buying a house — cat, cat, cat.

It’s actually location, location, location.



Hey, here’s an idea — what say we take this to the patio and grill up a burger?


Open that can of wet food.


Give me a fish.


A small chicken.


Is the sandwich still on the table?

How does it feel to be the $100,000 cat?

It’s feels good. It feels right. I saw a steak in the fridge the last time whatserface opened the door. We can go halfsies.


Come on, mate, live a little. You’re interviewing a cat.

I didn’t know cats were always so hungry.

What else is there?

There’s love, exercise, friends, fresh air, camaraderie.

I’ve never been out of this house, bub.

I’ll get the can opener.

Via Herald Sun and NBC

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