You Might Want to Hire This Cat Next Time You Need a Sitter


Bringing home a new baby who isn’t a cat? First, make sure to read our tips on how to keep your kitty from giving Junior the side-eye and peeing in your slippers, and then agree to pay kitty $10 an hour for being a baby-sitter. Yes, for real.

You could at least hire the cat in this video, who promises clients to return their children to them “clean, free of hairballs, and smelling deliciously of fish breath.”

Hey, remember that article that went around talking about how early exposure to allergens might reduce babies’ sensitivity to them? This kid will never sneeze at a cat again. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this kid grows up with an inexplicable affinity for saucers of milk and fresh tuna, as well as a propensity for chasing after flashes of light. We wouldn’t be surprised if people with cat allergies find themselves mysteriously sneezing and developing hives in this kid’s presence.

So if you’re worried about the cat getting jealous of your new kid or what will become of the love life between you and your partner after the arrival of a human cub, fear not. As this video proves, the cat will not only welcome the baby — the cat may very well adopt her as her own.

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