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Henri the Cat Takes a Position on Feline Politics

Many cats are running for office, he says. It's time to end human tyranny!

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 1st 2012

Despite winning the first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival’s coveted Golden Kitty Award, Henri — the Internet’s favorite sourpuss — is still a pessimistic kitty.

Asked to speak regarding his political stance on the upcoming election, Henri muses over the recent rash of cats holding or running for office, naming, among them, Tuxedo Stan’s run for mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Henri observes that even though cats play an important role in this country, when a cat boldly announces his intentions for a position of power, the world thinks it’s a joke, much to Henri’s dismay.

Yet Henri makes a good point: Why shouldn’t cats govern? They’re often subject to castration without representation (ah, if only we could trust cats to use birth control responsibly), and while Henri realizes that we may never return to the ancient Egyptians’ level of cat worship, he thinks that a few seats in office would be nice.

What Henri doesn’t realize is that cats do rule. In fact, I just had to shoo the cat out of my office desk chair to sit down to write this. And instead of scampering off to let me work, he has insisted on sitting in my lap, clawing my thighs as he kneads and drools in contentment. But if I put him down on the floor, he’s sure to express is disapproval by pooping outside the litter box. Now that’s tyrannical!

How does your cat rule the house?