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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Maru!

Maru's so awesome we can celebrate his birthday all week if we want to!

Liz Acosta  |  May 25th 2012

Oh my goodness. We were so busy with cats doing tricks, cats being clumsy, and cats suffering from boredom that we almost totally forgot Maru‘s birthday!

The Internet’s favorite celebrikitty turned 5 on May 23, and to celebrate, here’s a video of some of Maru’s best moments: squeezing into boxes, squeezing into shopping bags, pouncing on toys, lounging like a boss, giving high fives, and stealing our hearts with his cuteness.

Averaging 100,000 views per video, Maru has made a name for himself doing what cats do best: sitting in boxes and being cute. If there’s something to be learned from Maru’s success, it’s that people will embrace you just as you are. Maru has been mentioned on television and in print, and he even has a book and a couple of DVDs. His YouTube channel is among one of the most subscribed in Japan, yet Maru seems unfazed by the fame. He just wants a good old cardboard box to curl up in and he’s content.

So here’s wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Maru! We hope you receive millions of boxes to play in!

What’s your favorite Maru video? What birthday wish do you have for Maru? Let us know in the comments!

Photos via Maru’s website