The smallest of our four cats, Elsa Clair, has the most adorable trilling meow, and she knows how to turn up the cute to 11 — right before she swats one of the other kitties just for looking at her the wrong way. This is one of the reasons we refer to her as Tiny Dragon.

Beware the cute. There’s a rod of steel that runs through her sweetness. Just ask Calvin, her brother. He foolishly tries to pounce her now and again. Even though he outweighs her by a couple pounds, he’s always the loser in that clash of the pointy titans.

She’s a great hunter, our Elsa Clair, named in part after the famous lioness from the book (and movie) Born Free. No bug, mouse, toy, or ankle is safe when she’s on the prowl.

She was the smallest kitty in her litter, and the only female, and she probably had to fight for her seat at the Mommy Bar as a kitten. This may be why Elsa Clair takes dinner time very seriously. Very. Seriously. If I’m even a little late in serving a meal, she’ll tell me about it, offering pointed commentary during the preparation as well.

Elsa Clair is also the most playful of our cats. From across the house, she’ll hear when the Drawer of Magical Toys is opened and will appear instantly. I don’t think she takes the time to run. I swear she just apparates.

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