The Grumpy Cat movie trailer dropped yesterday, and we’ve watched it several times. You should, too:

Here are the top five moments of the trailer of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever:

1. British Grumpy Cat!

“Get out of here, British Grumpy Cat!” That’s funny!

2. Whoever it was carrying Grumpy Cat through that early shot and bouncing her and then whipping her toward the camera

That was cool, right?

3, 4, and 5.

Uh, we don’t know. Maybe Grumpy Cat driving?

Grumpy Cat blowing stuff up?

Grumpy Cat shooting a paintball gun?

How about the line, “Don’t get sappy on me — wait, I forgot, it’s a Lifetime movie!” That was funny, right?

In truth, this is a tough one. Aubrey Plaza and Grumpy Cat are some of our favorite things, and we understand why they’re together in this, but then, someone had to go and mash them into a Lifetime Christmas movie. Not many things escape Lifetime Christmas movies. One glimmer of hope: The line “Get out of here, British Grumpy Cat!” was perfect. Give us 20 more of those and we’re on board.

What did you think of it? Is Aubrey Plaza the right choice? Is Grumpy Cat grumpy enough? At the end of the movie, when Grumpy Cat inevitably shows she has a heart of gold under all that grumpiness (it’s a Lifetime Christmas movie — have we mentioned that enough?) will you have the sads and throw down your Grumppuccino? Let us know in the comments.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever airs Friday, Nov. 29, on Lifetime.

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