Grumpy Cat might be stuck with a permanent scowl (remember how your mom used to tell you that your face would “freeze like that”?), but her look of consternation always turns our frowns upside down. The sweet, sleepy pile of adorable — who is actually named Tardar Sauce — recently worked the media circuit in New York, appearing on Today, checking in with BuzzFeed, and hanging out with Laughing Squid. And, thanks to her online store, she will be bah-humbug-ing into the homes of families this year with her adorably dismal holiday cards.

But while we’ve seen a lot of Grumpy Cat lately and been witness to her rise to fame, what does Grumpy Cat herself have to say?

Tumblr interviewed the frowning feline, and for the first time ever, we hear — in her own voice — what makes Tardar Sauce purr.

If you want to invite Tardar Sauce over to see if you can make her smile, you might try serving her her favorites: tuna and Starbucks coffee cake (in very, very small quantities). While she enjoyed being on television, she didn’t necessarily enjoy being passed from one person to another. That might be because it got in the way of her favorite pastime. Can you guess what Grumpy Cat’s most favorite thing of all is? Hint: She does it on her back.

Watch the video to find out what it is!

Via Laughing Squid