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Grumpy Cat Gets a Movie Deal; Does Not Appear to Be the Least Bit Pleased

We believe she's happy about going to Hollywood despite her look ... but that face ... THAT FACE!

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 3rd 2013

If you haven’t heard already, here it is: Grumpy Cat nee Tardar Sauce has a movie deal. Following in the soft footsteps of Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat proves that Internet celebri-kitties rule the world. (The photos below are part of that proof.)

It’s been a whirlwind story of success for the frowning domestic shorthair kitty, who rose to fame on the Internet culture hub, Reddit. Her unusually sour expression made people question the authenticity of her photo, which is when her human friends released a video of her pouting in action. While most successful people achieve their fame by saying, “Yes” to opportunity, Grumpy said, “No,” and her signature negativity propelled her to Internet stardom.

She won the 17th Annual Webby Award for Meme of the Year, a title coveted by the likes of Colonel Meow and my personal favorite, Lil Bub. With such high accolades, it’s only fitting that the frowning feline be immortalized on the silver screen.

According to reports, Grumpy Cat is not settling for an animated or computer generated stand-in — she will be in the movie herself (under careful supervision, of course).

We’d like to think that we contributed in some small way to the success of Grumpy Cat, which makes us wonder whether we get a cut of the tons of money she’s about to make. We don’t really want to ask her, because we sort of already know the answer. (“No!”) BuzzFeed has some ideas on what the plot of the movie could be, but we wonder what you think the Grumpy Cat movie could be about — let us know in the comments.

Photos via the official Grumpy Cat page

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